Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A quote from my brother..

"How powerful it would be to speak directly in images and not have to rely on words. If we could, voiceless, create an image of an emotion or an experience I think it would be an incredibly more visceral and powerful medium of communication than stale, sterile and boring words. After all, it's only the finest writers in the world that can take our breaths away using only words while every human is possessed of the ability to richly and vibrantly imagine a scenario or experience an emotion or a memory. What if, when we opened our mouths to communicate an experience, we didn't project words but instead showed a pictorial and experiential image of what we're trying to get across, essentially removing the barriers created by the need for words? Just a thought."

Here is my attempt to do just that. enjoy these pages from my sketchbooks.

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